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Our Reflexologist is a member of the MAR  (Association of Reflexologists)

Over the years our reflexologist has worked on many different people and feet. She has a long list of happy patients clients benefit from her wonderful and renowned treatments. This ranges from cancer patients to patients with infertility problems (men and women) to all our other patients who opt for a general de-stress treatment and all of its benefits.

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With Over 30 Years of Experience To Offer You And Being Members Of The MAR (Association of Reflexologists) We Will Provide You The Best Care & Treatment Available.

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We are a multi award-winning clinic offering quality treatments.

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We are a Multi-Award Winning Clinic Offering Quality Treatments.


Muscle pain
Back pain
Post-operative pain
Sports injuries
Hormone imbalances
Digestive disorders
Premenstrual Syndrome
Chemotherapy-induced nausea
And much more

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Book now and save £10


Reflexology is a fast growing complementary therapy. It can help relieve pain, tension and improve circulation by helping your body to heal holistically by promoting the natural function of your body and improving the general feeling of well-being

Reflexology originated in the East. Evidence suggests forms of reflexology were practised in ancient Egypt, India and China. It helps the body to re-balance its energy flow or Qi. Pressure is applied to specific points of the feet and hands which are ‘mapped’ to specific parts of the body, restoring function to those parts.

Reflexologists don’t claim to be able to cure all, however a number of disorders have been successfully treated using this therapy. These include back pain, sinus problems, migraine, tension and stress-related issues, fertility problems, baby inducement, hormonal imbalances, breathing, digestive and circulatory problems. The majority of our patients find their treatment beneficial and relaxing.

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