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Find prices for our health and wellbeing treatments.


  • £4 COVID Safety Supplement will be added to all existing patient appointments (over 65 year old patients are exempt).
  • £7 COVID Safety Supplement will be added to all appointments for new patients

Podiatry price list

Principal Podiatrist Senior Podiatrist Associate Podiatrist
Initial podiatry £67 £50 £48
Routine podiatry £60 £46 £44
Senior citizen discount for routine podiatry £55 £45 £44
Initial biomechanical assessment £95 £90 £80
Follow up biomechanical assessment £85 £80 £70
Short appointment £39 £35 £30
Nail surgery £450 £399 £380
Orthotic cast impression £48 £45 £45
Orthotic review/issue £47 £45 £44

*PP = Principal Podiatrist
*SP = Senior Podiatrist
*AP = Associate Podiatrist

Initial podiatry £67 £50 £48
Routine podiatry £60 £45 £44
Senior citizen discount for routine podiatry £54 £43.50 £42.50
Initial biomechanical assessment £95 £90 £80
Follow up biomechanical assessment £85 £80 £70
Short appointment £39 £35 £30
Nail surgery £450 £399 £380
Orthotic cast impression £48 £45 £45
Orthotic review/issue £47 £45 £44
  • Orthotics: £350
  • Insoles: £67
  • Medi-Pedi: £80-£100
  • Paraffin wax bath: £40 (or £25 as an add-on treatment)
  • Verruca needling (anaesthetic of the whole foot): £450 (2nd £420)
  • Steroid injection: £120
  • Lacuna method: £79
  • Toenail reconstruction (one/two nails): £65
  • Podiatric acupuncture: £25
  • Marigold therapy: £70
  • Home visits: £80
  • Neuro-specific foot mobilisation (30 minutes): £57
  • Optogait infra-red gait analysis: £149

Add-on treatments:

  • Nail/skin analysis: £75
  • Neurovascular assessment: £60
  • Local anaesthetic: £15
  • Nail polish: £12.50

Therapy price list

Specialist physiotherapy services:

  • Initial assessment 45-minute appointment £49
  • Follow-up Session 30-minute appointment £44
  • Advanced Physiotherapy assessment and Treatment 1-hour appointment £66
  • Deep tissue /Sports Massage by Physiotherapist 45-minute appointment £25

Ortho/MSK corticosteroid injection by physiotherapist:

  • Initial Consultation – MSK Ultrasound review with Advanced Physiotherapy Assessment – £90
  • Private prescription- Consultation & Script writing/ Drugs Delivery from Local Pharmacy: From £40

Ultrasound guided injection by physiotherapist:

  • Private prescription- Consultation & Script writing/ Drugs Delivery from Local Pharmacy: From £40- £170, Your Total Costs: £210


  • Initial appointment (one-hour consultation): £55
  • Follow-up appointment (30 minutes): £45

Personal training

  • 45-minute session £45
  • 8 sessions a month £340
  • 12 sessions a month £480

Sports massage

  • initial appointment 45 mins £55
  • Follow up appointment 30 mins £45
  • Injury prevention 45-minute session £45 (referral pathway)

Ear candling:

  • Initial ear candling: £27
  • Ear Candling follow-up: £25


  • Initial Reflexology: £47
  • Reflexology follow-up: £45
  • Initial Facial Reflexology: £49
  • Facial Reflexology follow-up: £49

Lymphatic drainage massage:

  • Initial Lymphatic Drainage Massage: £47
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage follow-up: £45

Nutrition Weight Management:

  • 1-hour Initial Consultation £54
  • Follow-up sessions £39

Full body massage

  • 90-minute massage £67
  • 60-minute appointment £45

Hot Stone Massage

  • 90-minute appointment £67

Swedish massage full body

  • 60-minute appointment £45

Back neck and shoulder massage

  • 30-minute appointment £25

Aromatherapy massage

  • 60-minute appointment £48

Pregnancy massage

  • 60-minute appointment £50

Skin plasma fibroblast 120 minutes +:

  • Forehead £300
  • Eyelids £200
  • Lower eyes £150
  • Crows feet £150
  • Smokers lines or marionette or lip flip £200
  • Jowls £250-£300
  • Neck £250-£500
  • Chest/décolleté £300-£500
  • Stretch marks from £200-£500
  • Full face – POC

MSK ultrasound and injection treatment

  • Initial consultation: £150
  • US guided soft tissue and joint injections
    • Steroid injection: £300 per joint
    • Steroid injection combined with hyaluronic acid: £650 per joint
  • US guided spinal injection
    • Lumbar spine – one level, targeting two facet joints: £600
    • Lumbar spine – two/multiple levels, targeting four or more facet joints: £1200 – £1500
    • SIJ/COCCYDYNIA spinal injections (Sacro – Iliac Joint): £600 per joint
  • US guided PRP injection
    • 1x PRP Injection includes the consultation and the diagnostic scan if the injection is administered on the same day of the initial consultation: £500 per joint
    • 3x PRP Injections (this price includes the initial consultation and diagnostic ultrasound scan): £1500 per joint

Class 4 Laser

  • Class 4 Laser £55 per treatment

We are taking every precaution possible, to protect you and your families from Covid-19.

At Proactive Wellbeing Clinic we have always adhered to strict cleaning protocols and safe practice in accordance with Royal College of Podiatry (RCOP) and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and WHO guidelines. With the government document on Covid 19, the guidelines set by them state we are to increase the use of PPE (personal protective equipment) so we can reduce the risks of transmission.

We have a hand sanitising station and check temperature on arrival. We wear full, specific PPE including FFP2 & FFP3 masks, visors, gloves and aprons as per our governing body’s guidelines. We also have an acrylic screen fitted for additional safety at reception but also between podiatrist and patient. We have UV disinfectant foggers we use after each patient leaves and use a HEPA air filtration unit. This changes the air in the treatment room every 6 minutes and has been proven to filter bacteria and viruses. We have also invested in a disinfectant fogging machine which tests in compliance with EU Regulations and shows that it is 99.995% effective at killing bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Podiatrists work with drills causing airborne diseases to circulate. They also deal with scalpels, which penetrates the skin, hence dealing with bodily fluids and potential infectious diseases. Therefore our top of the range autoclave sterilises our instruments at 180 degrees and the ultrasonic cleaner used is also of the highest standard to ensure the instruments are sterile.

To help us keep you all safe we will add a £4 Covid safety supplement fee to all existing patient appointments, and £7 to all new patient appointments. Senior citizens appointments (65 years or older) will not have a Covid safety supplement added on routine and short appointments.

Unfortunately, during these difficult times, PPE, Clinical Waste Services, Sharps Waste Services & Special Medical Grade Cleaning Consumables have all increased by 60% and clinical waste is being collected far more frequently due to the extra cleaning and high PPE usage. Additionally, staggering appointments has also impacted business, therefore our Covid Safety Supplements remain but are kept low and fair for everyone.

We take care to spend extra time calling all patients a day or two before their appointment so we can screen patients by phone. We also go further and send a COVID questionnaire by email too. We check every patients’ file and send specific consent forms for their specific treatment, this is also to help with minimising time in the clinic.

Payments: Due to high COVID rates, our new policy is to take card payment via a link or telephone. This helps with social distancing and helps with our COVID safety measures, being treated promptly and helps reduce time spent in the clinic after treatment. We can accept exact cash (this is not preferred) as we would like to minimise handling change.

We thank you for your understanding and appreciation of our circumstances in this current climate.

Kindest regards,
J Lall

Pre Card Payments are taken in line with our new Covid Safety Policy

Jane (our booking system) only uses PCI compliant credit card processors to store sensitive credit card data. No credit card data is stored in Jane. The actual sensitive information is sent to and stored within our payment processing partners Stripe and Payfirma.

Please kindly note; any offers, promotions or discounts should be stated upon booking, so you are booked in with the correct practitioner and/or treatment type. Free consultations along with all other treatments, have no set time, they are ‘usually’ up to the time allocated, as this can vary greatly from patient to patient. It is quite normal for a free consultation and treatment to be within the same visit and/or first appointment if requested, required and is time. Should treatment commence at a patient’s request, this will then be charged as per the standard, set fee, unless a promotion is mentioned. For all treatments, the full fee is payable (unless a promotion is mentioned) regardless of complete resolution of the condition as not all conditions can be treated in one visit and regardless of the time taken as most treatments are ‘up to’ the set time allocated and not ‘for’ the amount of time allocated. Our treatment prices are non-negotiable and are the set prices for all patients. We thank you for your understanding.

We can also arrange home visits on request. Please contact us and speak to our team if you are interested in this service.

Please note that a 24-hour cancellation policy applies.

Our opening times:

Monday: 8am – 8pm
Tuesday: 8am – 8pm
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