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We are expert podiatrists who are able to offer you a range of podiatry and chiropody treatments to suit your requirements. We help our clients to treat specific foot health problems as well as helping you to maintain good overall foot health.

Find out about the treatments and services we offer to help you keep your feet in the best of health.

Routine podiatry and chiropody

We begin with a thorough consultation, ensuring we will be able to address all your concerns during your appointment. During your appointment, we are able to:

  • Trim and thin down nails
  • Remove ingrowing toenails
  • Remove hard skin
  • Remove corns
  • Treat cracked heels
  • Smooth down skin
  • Apply foot cream to soften skin

Our treatments are thorough and luxurious, as well as educational – if you have any concerns at all or want advice on general foot care, please just ask. We have invested in all the latest equipment and technology, helping us to deliver an even better service.

Verruca treatment

We are able to treat verrucae in one of three ways: using acid, freezing (cryotherapy) or with Falknor’s needling method.

Acid and freezing: This treatment involves the application of acid or cryotherapy over a number of brief appointments, targeting the verruca and treating it over a typical period of 7-14 days.

Falknor’s needling method: This is usually a one-off treatment where the verruca is removed with a needle following application of a local anaesthetic. This also stimulates the immune system so the body starts to eliminate the verruca.

Following your treatment, we will advise you fully on general foot care and how to prevent further verrucae occurring in the future.

Ingrowing toenail treatment and nail surgery

This treatment is prescribed for people who have ongoing issues with ingrowing toenails, solving the problem once and for all. During the treatment we will administer a local anaesthetic to numb the area so that we can effectively remove the offending piece of nail that is causing you pain. We then use a chemical called phenol to treat the area, which prevents the nail from growing in once again.

Aftercare is simple – we apply a dressing, then you come back to have it changed 1-2 days later. We then leave it to heal for 4-6 weeks. You will never have to worry about ingrowing toenails again!

Fungal infection treatment

Fungal nail infections can be treated in a variety of ways, and we can carry out the treatment during a routine appointment booking. Within the half hour appointment we will thin the affected nail right down and will advise the patient on what medicaments to use. Patients with fungal nail infections usually need to return regularly to make sure that the infection has been eradicated. We use the Rolls Royce of machines to get the nail thin and smooth to encourage the penetration of anti-fungal medicaments and improve the appearance of the nail.

We can also use the Lacuna Method™ which is a specialist form of treatment that involves using minute instruments to drill holes into the fungal nail plate. This creates a lacuna effect, allowing you to apply a special anti-fungal spray at home that will work underneath the nail plate. It targets the fungal nail at its very core. If traditional treatments haven’t worked it’s usually because they can’t reach the right places. This treatment needs to be carried out over multiple appointments, approximately once a month, to get the full effect and give you maximum relief.

If you are experiencing problems from a fungal foot infection, such as athlete’s foot, we can also offer you advice and general foot treatments to overcome this.

Insoles and orthotics

Insoles and orthotics are devices that are put into your shoes to make walking and running more comfortable and prevent long-term problems. They have two main functions:

  • To redistribute pressure
  • To re-align the foot and the body

Orthotics are custom-made by a podiatrist who will write a prescription specifically for your foot, to deal with your exact problems. We have our orthotics made in leading medical labs using top-of-the-range materials, and we can issue 3D-printed orthotics that are thinner, lighter and more comfortable.

We can also offer you Flopthotics and Eflops, the revolutionary flip-flop that is an orthotic too! Many people who need insoles and orthotics find it frustrating not being able to wear flip-flops and sandals. Flopthotics are the perfect solution, as they are a flip-flop version of your normal orthotics. Perfect for the summer months, and you can choose your own colour and style. Free your feet from closed-in shoes but without any of the discomfort.

All orthotics are made following a biomechanical, gait and musculoskeletal analysis.

Biomechanics, gait analysis
and musculoskeletal assessments (MSK)

Podiatric biomechanics is a specialist field that is concerned with foot function and locomotion. The foot is highly complex, made up of 26 bones, the associated joints and soft tissue structures. The ways in which these individual parts of the foot interact will determine how you walk, and when there are issues, they can cause you pain and discomfort.

Some common complaints that you might have that would lead us to offer a biomechanical assessment are:

  • Bunions
  • Heel pain
  • Flat feet
  • Lower back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Aching or over-tired feet
  • Ankle sprains or weakness
  • Over pronation

A biomechanical assessment addresses the foot and the leg function to diagnose any abnormalities in the way you walk and move. We carry out an in-depth biomechanical assessment of your gait, taking into consideration your lifestyle, footwear, symptoms etc., to get to the bottom of foot pain and problems.

We use cutting-edge technology to help us with this, allowing us to give more accurate diagnoses, more quickly.

MSK ultrasound scanning: Using scanning technology we can easily diagnose musculoskeletal issues and devise plans to treat them.

How does this help you as our patient? We can deliver more targeted treatments, helping solve your MSK issues with as little as one injection.

OptoGait system: This is an advanced system used to diagnose musculoskeletal issues and prescribe the correct orthotics to help with posture, alignment and pain relief. It’s used by top athletes, including Mo Farah!

How does this help you as our patient? We can offer you quicker treatment that’s efficient and reliable, restoring you to health and improving performance if you are an athlete.

3D structure sensor: This system is used to scan your foot highly accurately, so we can make bespoke orthotics that are perfect for your body.

How does this help you as our patient? Diagnosis of issues is quick, and we can send the most accurate scans to the lab to get your tailored orthotics faster.  

Once we have diagnosed any biomechanical problems, we can get to work on treating them. This will often involve orthotics, exercise programmes, changing your footwear or targeted injections.

Medical Pedicure (Medi-Pedi)

This starts with a routine podiatry treatment as above. Then the foot is cleansed using hot water and a special footbath using a flannel. It’s like having a facial on your feet. A scrub is then used over both feet, then cleansed away with the hot flannel too. A massage then takes place on the lower legs and feet. It is very soothing a relaxing. Lots of oils are applied and then a hot paraffin wax is applied on both feet and the feet are wrapped in booties. The oils hydrate the skin and have many benefits such as nourishing, increasing circulation, improving resilience and the appearance of dry, hard skin and cracks. When the wax is removed the treatment ends by applying a polish of the patient’s choice (gentlemen may choose a longer massage as an alternative).

Nail reconstruction

This treatment is for patients with damaged, unsightly nails who are conscious of the appearance of their nails. It is a cosmetic treatment more popular in the summer when feet are on show or for a special occasion. The LCN Wilde Pedique gel is used to give a natural nail appearance and will grow out as the nail grows in. It has anti-fungal properties so if a patient has an existing fungal infection then this can continue to be treated too due to the way this is applied. It is nonporous, so has the added benefit of patients treating it like they would their own natural nail as they can apply and remove nail polish as they would normally.

Diabetes and foot health services

In a normal routine treatment every diabetic patient unknowingly has their circulation/pulse measured, the integrity of their skin checked, and their feet examined for any signs of danger. Diabetes patients also have the added choice of booking themselves in for an annual neuro-vascular assessment. This test checks their circulation in depth by using Doppler ultrasound. As part of our services we also check sensation by using a special monofilament and neurotip which can detect neuropathy. The sense of vibration is also checked as this too can diminish in diabetic patients without them realising it. Finally, we issue lots of advice and information sheets which is important as diabetes can lead to loss of feeling in feet and ultimately to potential ulcers, wounds, gangrene and loss of limbs.

Arthritis and foot health services

Arthritis can deform the bones in our feet and ankles, and can cause joint pain and problems as well as lowering of the arch adding extra pressure on feet, ankles, knees, legs and hips. Usually, routine treatment to help address corns and hard skin due to this deformity is required. Insoles or orthotics of special density may also be required to accommodate deformity or help with cushioning or controlling foot movement.

Children’s foot health services

Children suffer from lots of foot problems, and verrucae often occur in children as they have a lower immune system. Sometimes advice to help diagnose and manage at home can be enough. Children also get ingrowing toenails, so advice on shoes and nail cutting can be given and they can have routine appointments or nail surgery with no waiting lists. Lots of children benefit from our podo-paediatric biomechanics, gait analysis and musculoskeletal assessments (MSK). This is the same as for adults but specifically designed for children and their growing feet.

Podiatric Acupuncture

Medical, western, podiatric acupuncture can be useful for foot, ankle, leg and knee pain. The podiatrist would advise the patient of this as part of their routine treatment or biomechanical assessment, and the patient can opt to have this at the same time.

Hot paraffin wax

The essential oils in hot paraffin wax can help many conditions such as eczema, dry skin, cracked heels, chilblains, tendonitis, cold feet, poor circulation, hard skin, corns and a lot more. It can be used as a treatment on its own, or as an add-on treatment after a routine podiatry treatment. It is also incorporated in the medi-pedi. The treatment involves a special oil being applied followed by a hot paraffin wax on both feet. The feet are then wrapped in booties, allowing the oils to hydrate the skin and provide benefits such as nourishing, increasing circulation, improving resilience, appearance, and reducing dry hard skin and cracks.

Marigold therapy

A special marigold flower preparation is made specifically for certain conditions – verrucae, fungal infections, eczema, or hard skin and corns. It involves having this preparation put onto the foot in a padding and covered with tape. The patient is then advised to get it wet for so many minutes a day and usually return for between 1 and 6 weeks, depending on progress. This can be a lengthy treatment but great for patients who seek the natural approach as opposed to harsh chemicals.

Neuro-specific foot mobilisation therapy

Soft tissue and joint mobilisation of the foot and ankle involves manipulation and mobilisation to help strengthen or increase range of motion, movement, and mobility in certain soft tissue, joints and structures to enable progress and help treat the patient’s complaints and conditions. We can use certain techniques that incorporate activating the neuro-specific receptors which enhance treatment and progress. This incorporates the use of the rafinni corpuscles.

Homeopathic podiatry

Certain homeopathy remedies can help with conditions such as verrucae and fungal infections. We can advise you on what might be suitable and help you arrive at the best decision for you.

Your consultation

We can help to relieve your pain and improve the health of your feet. Book an initial appointment with us and we will carry out a full assessment and find the right treatment for you. Just fill in our form and we will be in touch to set up your appointment.



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